Opening a dispute means that you have a situation that you and your trade partner have been unable to resolve on your own, and you would like Cardsphere admins to assist.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to open a dispute:

  • Cards have not been marked shipped
  • Cards have not arrived
  • Cards have arrived, but there's something wrong with them

You can open disputes for individual cards or entire packages on your Receiving page. To dispute an entire package, click Dispute All button. To dispute an individual card, click the down arrow and then Dispute Card.

You will be prompted to enter a reason. If you are reporting a problem about condition, please upload photos of the card front and back and include links to the images. 

When a dispute is opened, Cardsphere admins instantly get access to see all messages between traders and statistics about each trader’s overall activity. If a dispute is opened for card condition, please provide links to card images (

As much as possible, the admins prefer traders work out their issues without our having to intervene. When this can be done, you can simply acknowledge that you agree and define how we should distribute the trade amount. When an arrangement cannot be made, Cardsphere admins will distribute the funds as we believe best applies the rules.