When you're ready to send out your packages, click Sending on the menu bar.

Here you will see all the packages you've committed to send out to other users.The packages always appear sequentially by the Trade ID, but you can sort the contents of the packages by any of the columns: Card Name, Set, Condition, Foil, Language, Price, Status, or Date. To sort by a column, click its header. An arrow indicates if you are sorting ascending or descending.

Let's look at the information available for each package:

In the header the Trade ID, card count and sell price are listed, along with your trade partner's username and country. There are three buttons for each package.

Click the Address button to view your trade partner's mailing address and trade notes.
Click the Message button to open the message thread between you and your trade partner. You can send new messages.

Click Mark All Shipped once you have mailed out the cards so your trade partner knows they are on their way. Cardsphere Terms & Conditions allow three business days after you committ to send for shipping.

If, for some reason you must cancel the shipment, click the down arrow and select Cancel All. When you cancel a trade it's considered courteous to send a message advising your trade partner why you cancelled. You can also cancel individual cards within the package.