Once you have added the cards to your Haves, you can start looking for people who want to receive them. When you open the Send page, you are shown all the packages you can send out to other users. The filters on the page control which packages you see.

Send to these countries controls which trade partners you can see. You can choose to include all countries, or select the countries with whom you're interested in trading. Make sure you know how much the postage is to a country if it's your first time sending.

Hide offers under lets you decide how much of a discount off the Cardsphere index price you're willing to allow. Because Cardsphere users set the price they are willing to pay, use this feature to make sure you're going to be satisfied with what you'll be paid. You can choose to show all cards, hide all cards below index, or choose to hide offers below a specfied percentage of the index price.

Package should maximize tells Cardsphere what's important to you when finding packages:

  • Total value builds packagees with the highest value cards.
  • Total $ bonus gets you the most value for your cards.
  • Card quantity builds packages with a large number of lower value cards.

Sort packages by is used to bring the best packages to the top of the list. It does not affect their contents.

Exclude packages under is used to provide the minimum value of packages presented to you. You should decide at what value it becomes worth it to send cards out, and hide everything below that amount. Typically people make this decision by considering the cost of shipping (stamps, envelopes, top loaders).

Evaluating Packages

The top line of the package header provides the username and their country. Click the username to view their profile. From their profile, you can also improve your packages.

The middle line of the header shows the number of cards included in the suggested package.

The third line of the header shows the total value of the package, as well as the percentage of the Cardsphere index price this represents. In the example shown here, sending this package would earn you $18.18 of the index price total, $20.89, or 87%.

Inside the package body, the details of the cards included are provided, including the count and the price breakdown. If there are more cards included than can be displayed, it will be indicated on the body line of the package body.

If Cardsphere detects that there are other possible cards that could have been used to make a package, the package body will include the message Has Alternatives.

Click Review for more details and/or to accept the trade.

When you review a package, you have ten minutes to decide whether or not to actually commit to sending the cards. The timer counts down at the top of the Confirm Trade dialog.

The user's name and country are provided, as well as any Trade Notes they have set in their profile. Please review these carefully.

A breakdown of the package is provided for your review. This includes the details and offer amount for each card in the package. The Cardsphere transaction fee is also listed.

Use the checkboxes to include or exclude individual cards. The total cards and receiver's balance remaining updates as you make these changes.

To agree to send the package, check I'm not a robot and click Confirm. If you decide you're not interested, click Cancel to return to the Sends page.

If Cardsphere has found other possible cards you might want to include, the Advanced Mode button appears. Click to expose all the alternatives.

In Advanced Mode, you have complete control to add or remove cards from the package.

You are still constrained by your trade partner's balance, their wants and your haves.

Indicates your partner wants this card, but does not have enough balance for it and all the other selected cards. Uncheck other cards until you can select the card with this icon.

Indicates that your partner does not want so many copies of this card. This will appear when this particular want is fulfilled with other cards in the same package. Uncheck other cards until you can select the card with this icon.

Indicates that your partner wants more copies of this card than you have. Uncheck other cards until you can select the card with this icon.

Once you have committed to send a package, it will appear on your Sending page. 

What's Next