In order to receive cards from other Cardsphere users, you must enter the cards you're interested in to your Wants list. 

There are two ways to add cards, manually or via import. When you do it manually, you simply type in the cards you want. When you import, you have a file from another system which you upload.

Manually Adding Cards
Importing Cards

Manually Adding Cards

Manually entering cards can be a time consuming process. We recommend you import cards if you have a large collection. 

  1. Click Wants in the menu.
  2. On the Add Cards tab, enter the card name in the first field. Auto-complete narrows your choices.
  3. Choose from which sets you're willing to receive.
  4. Set the conditions you're willing to receive. For guidance, refer to our Condition Guide.
  5. Choose which finishes you're willing to receive, Foil and/or Nonfoil.
  6. Select the card languages you're willing to receive.
  7. Set the bonus you're willing to offer, if any. You can set a percentage above or below Cardsphere Index price.
  8. Set a price limit, if desired. Doing so protects you from unexpected price spikes.
  9. Choose whether or not this is an active want, or if it is on pause.
  10. Choose how many cards you;re willing to receive.
  11. Click Add Want.

What if the card I want to enter isn't there?

Cardsphere's card database is not yet complete. We aim to have 95% of magic cards ever printed listed. Some special sets or cards (Foreign Black Border, Schemes) may be absent purposefully, as the effort to include them does not match the demand to trade them yet. Newer cards which aren't available may be absent because our pricing sources do not yet list them.

Send an email to Cardsphere Support to report a missing card if you think it should be added. Alternatively, contact us on Reddit or Discord.

Importing Cards

Cardsphere allows you to import .CSV files from a variety of websites and services:

We are continuously expanding our input sources.

  1. Click Wants in the menu.
  2. On the Actions tab, click Import.
  3. Choose what should happen when the file is missing information for set, language, condition, quantity and finish.

  4. Choose whether cards should be imported as active or on pause.

  5. Click Choose CSV File and browse to and select the file you want to import. Click Import.

  6. When processing is complete, your results are displayed, and your account is set to Vacation Mode. If there were cards that could not be matched, click View Log.

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