While you can end out cards to increase your account balance at anytime, you can also add funds to the system using your credit or debit card. Cardsphere uses Stripe as our payment processor, and we use their most stringent security settings. Not all debit cards are accepted. If yours is declined, we recommend you contact the issuing financial institution. Some users in some regions have reported additional fees levied by their financial institutions.

  1. In the menu bar, click your account balance.

  2. Click Top up your Cardsphere balance.

    Enter the amount (in USD) you wish to add. Click Continue.

  3. Enter your identifying information, then click Payment Info.

  4. Enter your card information, and click to pay.

  5. After a moment to process, your payment will be added to your account.

Can I Use Paypal to Pay?

Unfortunately not. The nature of Cardsphere's business (storing value on behalf of users) means that Paypal cannot be used to add funds as well as paying out funds. Cardsphere uses Paypal as one of our cash-out options.