Signing up for an account is free. You can build up your account balance by sending out cards to users who want them and receiving money or by depositing money into your account using a credit card. There will be a minimum deposit, probably of $20.00 USD. This is because Cardsphere incurs a cost when you buy in, and we have to make sure when this money is cashed out of the system, that cost is covered.

At launch, there will be no premium accounts. We will roll out premium accounts shortly after launch that offer additional value, rather than unlocking features everyone should have for free. For example, we plan to offer premium accounts the ability to design their own trade bot directly within the Cardsphere interface.

We expect that premium accounts will cost $5.99 USD/month or you purchase a year at a time for $58.99 USD. You can pay for your subscription using a credit card, or we can take it from your Cardsphere account balance. A portion of premium account fees will be donated to charity.