Cardsphere is a peer-to-peer market for Magic: the Gathering cards. Users buy, sell, and trade magic singles and sealed product. It is an inverse market (sometimes called a “push” market) so sellers choose when to fulfill offers that buyers have made. No negotiation is required. All transactions are done in US dollars, held in the system, until funds are withdrawn.

It’s free to register and start using right away. Users import lists of the cards they have and the cards they want as a first step. 

Users get money into their account to pay for the cards they want by using a payment card or by sending out cards to other users. Cardsphere helps users find optimal sales by creating packages based on criteria they choose, for example whether to optimize for biggest package or best individual offers etc. Buyers make offers as a percentage of an index price, which are updated regularly by observing activity on multiple external markets.

When a seller commits a package, payment for it is taken from the buyer’s account and held in escrow. Once the package arrives and the buyer indicates it’s been received, the funds are released from escrow to the seller, less a 1% trade fee. For users who “trade” exclusively, effectively using Cardsphere as a cashless market, this is the lowest rate anywhere.

Most transactions take place in the sweet spot between buylist and retail prices.